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Meet Justin Simanek
Director of Pitching Development


 Justin Simanek is from Seattle Washington, where he played at Tacoma Community College for two years and received NWAC All-Star West Region honors. After Tacoma Community College Justin transferred to Southeastern Louisiana University, where he was named a top Southland Conference prospects by D1 Baseball in his 2020 campaign.


Justin has a high passion for pitching development as well as find the best ways to elevate his athletes abilities to reach their full potential. Justin is in the process of receiving his CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), so he has a higher level of knowledge in sports performance development and human anatomy function, to best meet the needs of his athletes.


In his short time of having the program up and running, he has already had several college commits and more soon to come. He believes it's important to continue learning past just the mechanics and bring a holistic approach to pitching development. He wants to give the best overall development and produce the best arms in the state of Mississippi. 

What the Program Offers:

Arm Care/Strength:

We work to Develop robust arm to resist the tolls of the full body’s pitching force through a quality throwing program and activation/recovery routines.

Pitching/Body Mechanics:

Understanding the correct anatomical position (hips, shoulders, thoracic, rotation, etc) to maximize each individuals anatomy power and protect our arm through proper throwing actions

Velocity Development:

We work to help athletes understand where their individuals power comes from and teach our athletes how to use their natural abilities to their best capabilities. Another way we help our athletes velocity growth/ arm care is through a individualized strength and condition program to enhance our power output in the proper areas. 


Programing individual needs to enhance each athletes weaknesses in (scapula, hip, ankle, thoracic, etc.) mobility through soft tissue and stretching exercises to get the most out of our range of motion.