There's Nothing Like It!

                       Introducing the P360 ADVANCED Pitching Club. 

Scott Copeland, MLB Toronto Blue Jays and Alex Gunn, from the Arizona Diamondbacks have joined forces to provide Advanced Pitching Instruction for top pitchers. 

Building on the success of the popular P360 Pitching Program, the Advanced Pitching Club is available to players starting at age 13 that demonstrate the skills and basic understanding of the art of Pitching. 

Working with professional players, Club Members will learn to create a routing of conditioning and arm care before they learn the nuances of spinning the baseball; optimum pitch selection - and learn how to read a batter to deliver the right pitch at the right time. 

This is not fundamental basic training! Players will learn how advanced pitchers succeed through proper training and the delivery of the right the right time. 

P360 Jackson

6649 Richmond Grove Road

Jackson MS 39213


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P360 Hattiesburg

15 Commercial Warehouse Drive

Hattiesburg MS 39402


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