Sox Baseball 13U Pitching Clinic 

P360 Performance Sports and Physical Therapy Solutions present the first Fall Pitching Clinic focused specifically on the the 13U age group. 

This age experiences the most dramatic change and adjustment in youth baseball. Moving from the 12U field in July to the much larger field in September brings unique challenges that are addressed in this important clinic. 

  1. How to strengthen the 13U arm - provides drills and exercises that all pitchers at this age need to compete on the larger field. 

  2.  Maximizing mechanics - a detailed look at the correct pitching mechanics to increase the length and velocity of the fastball. 

  3. First Pitch Strike - working on the approach and understanding on the most important pitch in baseball at all levels. 

  4. Pitch Breakdown - understanding how, where and when to throw each pitch in the arsenal based on pitch count. 

  5. Holding runners - understanding how to work with the catcher to keep runners guessing. 

  6. Mentally prepared - creating the right mind-set and mental approach to deliver every pitch in the intended location - including the importance and habit of breathing correctly. 

Ryan Creek     Houston Astros

Avery Johnson  Belhaven

Alex Gunn       Memphis

Bill Thomas     PTS 


SOX Players   $190

Others          $295



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