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Baseball is Almost Here!!

It seems like it's been a long winter, but the season will kick off this weekend as a few Sox teams will brave the cold weather to take the field. It couldn't come any sooner. Before started, let's take a look around the website for Sox players and families...

We have Game Changer set up for all teams, and we know the scorers for every team. We started over for the 2019 Spring season, so please make sure that you are scoring the correct team - and that followers are following the right team.

Every team has their own page on the website, just click HERE to find your team. All team pages will have a Game Stream that will keep a running record of your season. Any game can be clicked to review. It would be a great idea if we could have team pictures for your page, and as always, posing with those trophies on Championship Day always needs a picture. Be creative, and send us anything that you want on your page at . See if you can get your coach to let you take his picture too.

Leaderboards will be kept again this season. Each division is grouped together so players can see how they are doing against all teams in their age group. Visit the Leader Board on Mondays by scrolling down to your age division.

Keep up with all Sox teams on the Score Board page. All games played are streamed by age group so you can see how the other guys are doing anytime, even live.

On Tuesdays, take a look at the news bar across the top of every page for the Sox Standout Players. The Sox staff and coaches select players that excelled over the weekend. See if your player made the list. One player will be selected from the list as the Sox Spotlight Player every week.

Jerseys will be in soon - hopefully by the end of next week.

That's it for now. Let's make sure our shoes are clean, shirt is tucked in, belt is straight, hat is straight and our game face is on. It's about time to take the field, proudly wearing the jersey of the nationally recognized National Champion Sox Baseball team - and everyone is watching you.

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