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Cubs and Astros Hold Top Positions in P360 Fall Wood Bat League

The Cubs rebounded after suffering their first lost of the season to the Braves on September 28 with an impressive 8-0 win over the Astros, adding another win over the Royals on October 6 to maintain a 1-game lead over the Astros. Next week the Cubs face the Reds (1-6) and the White Sox (2-4) as they continue their quest to take the top seed in the playoffs, which start on Monday, October 19. Leading the way for the Cubs at the plate is Nick Monistere, batting .588 with three doubles, 9 Runs and 4 RBI. He also drawn 6 walks. On the mound, Monistere has tossed 8 innings, striking out 11 batters and has not given up an earned run in 3 appearances.

The Astros fell behind a game with the loss to the Cubs, but stayed in the hunt with a 4-2 victory over the Braves. They also face the Royals and White Sox next week and will need win both games and get a little help - the Cubs would have to lose both games for the Astros to take the #1 seed. Bryce Fowler is batting .533 to lead the Astros, with 6 Runs and 2 RBI, including a home run. The Astros have hit 7 homers this season - Hunter Hines leading the way with three. Fowler has alo pitched 8 innings, striking out 15 batters in five appearances. Drew Newman has been a workhorse, appearing in six games, with an ERA of 2.545 with 18 strikeouts.

Visit the P360 Fall Wood Bat League Leaderboard for a complete picture of the top performers.

Notes: Preston Soper has earned a spot on three of the Leaderboards: #1 in QAB, #3 in OPS and #5 in Slugging Percentage...Nick Monistere has not allowed an earned run in 8 innings of work, facing 34 batters...Braden Jones (19), Drew Newman (18) and Blake Summerlin (18) are battling for the most strikeouts...Home Runs: Hunter Hines (3)...Bryce Fowler...Conner Chisolm ...Blake Summerlin...Preston Soper...Tom Lee...Braden Thomas...Isaac McClenty...Peyton Martin...ST McInnis...Austin Russell...Branson Tadlock...Gavin Caston...Logan Files...Carter Smith...Caston Thompson...Brody Walker...Hank Bennett...

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