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Focus on Pitching

We recently rolled out a new pitching program. It took months of research, learning that there is a lot more to learning. While we have confidence in our pitching instructors, we learned that there is much we didn't know. So, with the help of Dr. Adam Smitherman and the most experienced coaches around, we know more. And we want you to know more.

There are many fads out there about the art of pitching. Even the science of pitching. And there will continue to be more come along...but we have focused on the fundamental, tried and true methods of the both the art and the science of pitching, and work closely with our medical advisers to make sure we stay true.

Why did we do this? Well, over the last couple of years, we began noticing some trends in youth pitching. The most important weapon a pitcher has is confidence. And confidence only grows when he knows what he is doing. Instructors just fall down on this important aspect of teaching. We all know how to teach the game, or teach mechanics. But confidence? We can do better. And we will. This program teaches everything from arm care to safe velocity mechanics...and everything in between from those that have done it.

We certainly hope you learn more about this Program. It's not the usual pitching lesson - and it's only for Sox players. While we have a pretty good reputation for hitting a baseball, we intend to have an equal reputation for pitching. And it starts here. We hope to see you soon.

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