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Law of Facilitation

The “law of facilitation” states that ideas or actions are more easily repeated, with less resistance each time, even if faulty or destructive. This is the same principle as building tolerance for any substance that one may expose their body or mind to. Some obvious examples include drugs and alcohol but certainly aren’t limited to these. Sleep time, nutrient intake, movement or lack thereof, hydration, positive thinking, it’s all relative when it comes to facilitating your goals and dreams.

As these things (good or bad), become facilitated, it takes much less energy to go through the motions of the programmed actions. “Overriding programming is hard to do,” Paul Chek – but it can be done. First things first, we must understand, are we creating core survival issues or liberated energy within ourselves? Our bodies crave four major physiological inputs: rest, nutrition/hydration, happiness, and movement. Clean up your physiology and your tolerance for positive facilitation will increase dramatically.

While it’s easy to understand what needs to be done, “change requires energetic investment.” Jerry Kuykendall. It takes much less energy to act out faulty programming but the rewards for going the other way are well worth the expense. The hardest thing to do as a trainer is to get people to do the most simple things in the world, like going to bed on time or drinking enough high quality water. So if you’re struggling to stay on task, you might try the rule of 1/4/100.

This rule states that committing to becoming one percent better each day, at any of your four doctors, will leave you one hundred percent better, after one hundred days. I’ve tried a couple 100 day sessions now and can say without question that the strategy works. It requires commitment, intent, and focus but the results speak for themselves. So whatever you’re looking to facilitate, ask yourself, am I moving toward my dream or away from it?

In Health and Happiness,

Kennon McArthur – CHEK IMS, HLC

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References: Living 4D with Paul Chek Podcast Episode 260 – Jerry Kuykendall: Working v Living – you choose / minute 86 and beyond

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