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One Hundred Day Energy Experience

If you’ve been reading my column for a while then you’ve likely heard me talk about “working in.” The cool thing about it is that there are options for everyone to participate in this practice. There are also some movements that allow for a very specific connection to your own aura or energy, as well as the energy of others. One of my most familiar “work in” movements is the energy push. This, much like many of the tai chi or Qi gong practices may be modified to fit your current fitness level and is beneficial to anyone who would like to separate themselves from negative energy or push it away. As part of the certification process with the CHEK Institute we were taught this movement and several others that are all designed to bring inner peace and increase vitality and “chi:” life force energy. While I was training at the institute, I purchased an instrument called a tai chi ruler. It’s essentially two wooden baseball bat handles or knobs on either end of a handle that’s about a foot long. It also came with a poster, outlining two exercises – the primordial rock and the microcosmic orbit: along with a challenge. The task is simple, complete 100 consecutive days of fifteen minutes or more in practice, and you’ve completed one “gong.” As I write this, I’ve just completed day 49. I’ve mostly stuck with the primordial rock, as it seems to flow better with my natural rhythm. It’s been said that each “gong” completed will unlock the next level of meditative capacity. Although I’m relatively inexperienced with meditative practices, I do have some history of successful use. Through the first forty nine days of this gong I’ve experienced several emotional processes and metaphysical connections. For a few days straight it was like Deja vu was happening on a daily basis. At times it felt almost like instant manifestation in the true sense of the word. Social media “influencers” use this term freely these days but what they’re saying simply doesn’t resonate the same way. Although there are some of them with valid points and inherit wisdom, most of these people are encouraging people to try and manifest things, a lifestyle, or a status. True manifestation means to be at peace with your own self, be comfortable enough in your own skin, to be calm and quiet enough to let the good stuff happen like it’s supposed to. Suffice it to say that it has certainly changed my outlook on things. Reflection and inner work is a positive vibe for all of us, no matter the individual’s situation. So if you find yourself stuck in a rut, unmotivated, or not making gains at the pace you would like, consider some tai chi or qi gong. It just might be what you need to unlock your hidden potential. In Health and Happiness, Kennon McArthur – CHEK IMS, HLC @catchinglessons on Twitter

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