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P360 Jackson Hitting Groups for January

The P360 Performance Sports Baseball Training Center in Jackson announced today its Advanced Hitting Group schedule for January. This is a unique, fast-paced hitting program developed by Chris Snopek in Jackson - the most popular hitting instruction in the Jackson Training Center.

Advanced Hitting Group is open to everyone with a limit of 20 players for session. Hitters will spend an hour going through hitting stations with instruction from professional instructors at each station. Very affordable, the Advanced Group Hitting routinely sells out in Jackson.

The Advanced Hitting Groups will meet every Wednesday night in Jackson at 7:00 and the sessions last for one hour.

Players can purchase packages at $25 per 1-hour session. To guarantee your slot for the month, a package of $100 adds you to the roster for every group each month. If you know you can't make all of the sessions, packages of 1, 2 and 3 sessions are also available.

To reserve your spot just CLICK HERE or visit our website at and select the Jackson Center.

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