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P360 Welcomes Scott Copeland

P360 Performance Sports announced today that Scott Copeland has joined the growing staff of professionals to provide coaching and instruction for its Sox Baseball youth program.

Scott played baseball at the University of Southern Mississippi where he was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 2010. After a stint with the Orioles he signed with the Toronto Blue Jays, making his MLB debut on the mound in 2015. He played four more seasons of professional baseball including a stop for the New York Mets big league team in 2018. He played in 2019 for the Washington Nationals. Scott is married with a two year old son and a girl on the way. He makes his home in the Hattiesburg area.

Copeland joins Avery Johnson and Alex Gunn in the popular P360 Pitching Program. He will be instrumental in working to install the program in the facility in Hattiesburg while collaborating with them to further strengthen the program. The Pitching Program has been a big success in its first year. Johnson and Gunn rolled out the program after extensive research and development in November 2018, with the medical input from Dr. Adam Smitherman to insure a safe and quality experience for all pitchers in the program. "I am looking forward to working with Alex and Avery to continually improve the program, bringing my experience and tools to work together and teach the craft. I can't wait to get started", stated Copeland. "They have big goals for their players and I am excited to pull it all together in Hattiesburg."

You will also find Copeland on the baseball diamond, as he will be coaching one of the Sox teams in Hattiesburg as part of the coaching staff that will be announced later this month. In addition to introducing the P360 Pitching Program to the Hattiesburg market, he will be providing private instruction at the P360 Performance Sports facility at 15 Commercial Warehouse Dr in Hattiesburg.

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