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Prep Baseball Report Mississippi

P360 Performance Sports is proud to announce that it has acquired Prep Baseball Report (PBR) for the state of Mississippi.

PBR is a premium platform for high school players to showcase their talent and skills for college recruiters and MLB scouts, building profiles that are accessed by over 800 colleges and universities throughout the US. Showcases are held for players from ages 14 up to seniors in high school.

Players attend showcases and tournaments that are held throughout the state, and are measured for a variety of skills. This information is presented on an online platform that ranks the players in state and nationally with other players by age, position and overall skills. Recruiters use this information to identify and/or confirm players to play beyond high school. National teams are created to play in events such as the Futures Games in Atlanta in July, with the Super 60 bringing together the top talent in country to play in front of professional baseball teams.

While the showcase calendar is being put together, some important dates have been established for interested players:

May 4 - The P360 Showcase Powered by PBR. This is an invitation only tournament of some of the top teams in the state, Class of 2023 (14U). Most Sox teams will be playing in this tournament as the players are working to qualify for one of the Sox national teams.

During May and June, PBR Mississippi will host showcases throughout the state, with Gulfport/Biloxi, Jackson, Southaven and Tupelo currently set for scheduling. These showcases are open to players to begin creating their profiles, looking to improve their current profiles, or who are trying to qualify for the PBR Mississippi State Invitation Only Showcase.

July 16 - The PBR Mississippi State Invitation Only Showcase at Smith Will Stadium in Jackson. The top players identified in the Qualifier Showcases perform for recruiters and scouts, state and national rankings, national teams and more.

State Directors for PBR Mississippi are Bob Dunhurst, who can be reached at, ; Neill Bartling at and Blaise King, at .

To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter at @PBR_Mississippi and find us on Facebook. if you feel like your area would benefit from hosting a qualifying showcase, email a director or send a message on twitter.

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