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Sleep Deprived

I’ve written about biohacking before and given it my best effort to objectively look at some of the positive contributions to society. And I absolutely still believe there are aspects of these technologies that are amazingly useful. But in the true “warp speed spirit” of our culture, artificial intelligence has burst onto the mainstream scene with ChatGPT, AI developers quitting their jobs to warn us of the potential dangers, and a man on YouTube who’s spending $2m per year on himself to create an anti-aging protocol.

It’s a wild world! The $2m man mentioned is Bryan Johnson, a tech billionaire doing anything and everything you can imagine to reverse his biological age. His routine includes dozens of daily organic supplements, blood analyses, light therapy, laser treatments, electric muscle stimulation and so on. He has a full service team of trainers, doctors and chefs that keep the whole thing in motion. But when asked the number one thing he recommended that people do to perform better, recover fully, and be more clear minded, his answer was to sleep.

He and other wellness experts agree on this fact. Those who set their schedules around sleep and commit to 7 to 10 hours daily also tend to be more engaged in the present and generally happier, as well as reportedly feeling more under control of themselves. This can easily carry over to training routines, meal choices, etc.

While that’s a broad range of time to sleep, just keep it relative to your age and how you feel. Kids and teenagers need more sleep for sure. Adults, depending on their lifestyle factors, may feel great with six hours and others may need ten. Sleep deprivation can result in a 300% or more increase in feelings of sadness and or depression. So regardless of the newest technologies and supposedly most cutting edge information, there’s no denying that rest, hydration, exercise and nutrition still stand to reign as the best anti-aging protocol for years to come.

In Health and Happiness,

Kennon McArthur – CHEK IMS, HLC

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YouTube - Bryan Johnson on Sleep

bryan johnson sleep - YouTube

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