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The P360 staff follows all teams throughout the weekend, watching how teams are performing. When we can, you will find staff members going to the parks and watching as many games as possible, depending on their own team schedules.

On Monday, the staff starts looking at the results through Game Changer, analyzing the information to better determine those that are excelling as well as those that might need a little help. Every weekend, there are those that just have great games that go above what can be expected, and we recognize those players on our Sox Stand Out Performers page on our website. You can also find a link in the news crawl at the top of the website on any page.

So take a look each week, and when you run into one of these players give them a high five. All players are important and make contributions, but in a game of failure, it's nice to see your name show up every once in a while for having a weekend "in the zone".

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