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The Sox Scoreboard

Every game played by Sox baseball teams is scored with GameChanger by a host of volunteers that often go unnoticed. Moms, dads, grandparents, coaches and others make sure that every Sox game is available live to those that cannot attend - and we have followers from many states, and even from countries in Europe, Asia and Canada.

You can see how all teams are doing by visiting the Scoreboard, where the scores are available by age group. If you are looking for a single Sox team, visit the Sox team landing page, and just click on the team that you want to follow.

To follow a game, simply go to a team's GC site and request permission to follow. An administrator for team will confirm your request and add you to the team. It's that easy.

Sox teams all have their own page within the P360 website. Visit the Team Landing Page, and select a team to visit their site. All pages will have a scoreboard - and as the season gets going, teams will be adding pictures, news and other information about their team, like these guys.

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