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The Training Boomerang

When I met Andrew Johnston for the first time, in 2018 at his studio in Atlanta, it was immediately apparent that I wasn’t leaving there with just some exercises and a workout plan, he was going to truly teach me how to train. Looking back the signs were there, starting with the name of his brand – Triumph Training. Up to this point in 2018, I’d been in gyms, physical therapy clinics and training rooms, and for the previous twenty five years no one had ever mentioned the concept to me. No, instead, everyone was just waiting for the next workout or meal plan to post in Muscle and Fitness magazine or hoping to get some exercise printouts from the physical therapist.

And while this was really good information for the times, there was rarely any mention of the other stuff like rest, quality of water, stress management, ingredients of our food, or much less our intentions. One of the first things Andrew did was put me through a series of assessments that helped him better understand how my life was arranged and how my days flowed. It not only showed him some lifestyle factors that I could immediately improve upon, but it gave him a sense of how much I was truly committed to change.

We’ve all been in situations where the energy of a room feels electrified depending on who’s in it. Some people can walk in and immediately control the vibe, and this is undeniable. So what is that, and why does it happen? Well, there’s a number of reasons but the bottom line is that “you cannot look at nature detachedly.” People are constantly emitting vibrations and energies that our subconscious can and does pick up on. Innately, we are all just made up of energy, and thus life.

And as we walk around, “whatever we put out comes back to us. – Edi Bilimoria” This phenomenon is known as the boomerang effect of love and hate. It also holds true with regard to training, nutrition, and lifestyle. It’s not just the act of training, or meal prep, or anything you do that feels like health. What it truly is, is the intention with which you train.

So if you’re working out, or dieting, or supplementing, or doing anything because you’re trying to eliminate the bad parts of you, maybe try and rethink your intentions. Intend to nurture your overall health, the training of you as a whole, not to just erase the parts you don’t like about yourself. The vibe you resonate with other people will come back to you so make sure it’s from a place of good intention. And remember, “hate only reacts upon those who nourish it”- Beethoven

In Health and Happiness,

Kennon McArthur – CHEK IMS, HLC

@catchinglessons on Twitter


CHEK podcast Living 4D / Dr Edi Bilimoria Episode 233

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