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Train Don’t Drain

Training means practicing, on a consistent basis, anything that helps you to feel better and perform more optimally. It’s simply that, training your body systems to react and perform in ways that produce the results you’re looking for. And it’s all intertwined; neglect a system or movement pattern and it has no choice but to cause drain on the performance energy of something else.

Draining is the inverse of training, and it’s essentially anything that produces less than the desired result(s). Whether it’s a direct attack on a specific system or the cumulative effect of suboptimal choices, we’ve all felt this “drain.” In sports we hear coaches say, “you’re either getting better or getting worse, you never stay the same.” Same goes for everyday life.

So ask yourself, am I training or draining? Poor quality food, poor sleep patterns, “dead” water, negative thought processes, etc., they all support the drain. Collectively the effect on the systems is significant and intimately affects physical performance, emotional stability. reactionary tendencies and more.

Effectively, what you’re inputting into your system right now will show up six months or so in the future. So one day at a time, one choice at a time, and pretty soon you’ll see the results. And most likely you’ll start to feel the changes way before that.

In Health and Happiness,

Kennon McArthur – CHEK IMS, HLC

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