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Training Toolbox

Health and wellness isn’t about reactionary treatment, it’s about the collective decisions and the process. When it comes to training and nutrition, I’ve tried many different programs and pieces of equipment, most didn’t last but the best ones are forever accessible in my training toolbox. And whether you know it or not, you have one too.

The first aspect of our toolbox is awareness; what signals is my body sending me right now, where are my tight spots or pressure points physically, mentally and emotionally? And what does the opposite of each look like, where am I out of balance, where am I weak? The ability to honestly assess is fundamental when using your own tools.

Our next set of tools should allow us versatility and variety in our training, healing or recovery. These are a collection of knowledge and experiences that are proven to be beneficial to you. These things provide progress in health, peace of mind, energy to your system, and resonate with your soul.

A few years ago when I was recovering from a torn rhomboid, I tried every mainstream treatment and training program that was offered in the southeast. Ultimately, I met Andrew Johnston, who completely reshaped my understanding of training and recovery, I had spent over 25 years training in a “traditional” sense. But the movements and strategies he showed me produced a whole different level of functionality and processes.

That being said, some of them were quite innovative and certainly not familiar in most commercial gyms. My daughter nicknamed a few of the movements my “weird” stretches and I certainly heard some snickering in the background. But the best part to me was that I knew this stuff worked and it almost always gave me an opportunity to engage with those that were laughing.

So certainly don’t let others’ perception influence what you know to be a useful tool. Instead, judge your toolbox by the way you feel and your ability to adapt in any situation. Healthy environments aren’t always convenient to create but the more tools you have to work with, the easier it becomes.

In Health and Happiness,

Kennon McArthur – CHEK IMS, HLC

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