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A comprehensive complete pitcher development program

Designed for ages 8 - 12 Sox Baseball Members, this program has been developed by studying many program ideas, bring in the best and proven tools to enhance the development of pitchers for all ages. The program is administered by our professional training staff, guided by Dr. Adam Smitherman of the Jackson Orthopaedic Clinic

The Sox Baseball Pitching Program will focus on all aspects of successful pitching results: arm and body preparation, mental approach and preparation, arm care and recovery between games and tournaments. The result will be a solid and continuing routine that will aid any pitcher for as many years as he takes the mound. Results are delivered to your coach, providing valuable input as coaches and trainers coordinate the appropriate game preparation and conditioning. 

The Sox Baseball Pitching Program requires membership at a P360 Training Center. If a player does not play for Sox Baseball and wants to participate, membership is available for as little as $29 per month. 


Program Administration 

Avery Johnson - trained at P360 as a youth and pitched at Brandon High School and Belhaven  University. In his 5th 

 year training pitchers at P360 and has coached Sox teams from ages 9-14. Currently coaches with the SBG Sox 12U team. 

Pitching Director in Jackson.

Scott Copeland - RHP at the University of Southern Mississippi. Drafted Baltimore Orioles. Played professionally in MLB Toronto Blue Jays and New York Mets. Coaches SBG Sox 12U Team. Pitching Director in Hattiesburg.

Program sign up starts in January 2020 and ends in July 2020. 
The 2020 Program begins in September and ends July 2021

The Sox Pitching Program has two components to meet the needs of all pitchers. The first component is universal - arm care, preparation and recovery. This is learned by all pitchers to reach their potential, and as in anything each player will get out of it what he puts in to it. This includes taking what is learned in the Program and taking it home. The second component is individual mechanical and mental instruction. Every player is different and needs unique training. The Program will include an individual component with a bullpen each week.


The Pitching Program will meet as a group once a week for one hour to learn universal arm care and preparation. Each member of the Program will schedule a half hour bullpen session at P360 at a time of their choosing for mechanical and mental instruction, once a week for 4 sessions per month. Over the course of the Program, players will learn how to take care of their arm before and after pitching; understand how mechanics determine where the ball goes; learn how to approach each batter; understand pitch placement and sequencing for maximum results. 

Program Pricing

Annual Program    $1000

4 Arm Care Sessions and 4 Bullpen Sessions monthly for 12 months

Monthly Program    $100

4 Arm Care Sessions and 4 Bullpen Sessions monthly, renewed monthly for 10 months.

Please note that this program is for Members Only. If a player is not a member of a Sox team (Youth or High School) then he must become a member of P360. The cost of membership is $29 per month, or $129 per month to be in the Program as players that is not a member of a Sox team. 

For more information email info@p360performancesports.com

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