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2023 Machine Pitch League Registration Opens Today

P360 Performance Sports announced the 4th season of the popular Machine Pitch League in locations throughout Mississippi and Alabama.

A fun, competitive, and instructional experience for all players, the Machine Pitch provides game experience without a pitcher...using a pitching machine instead. This allows for pitchers to take a break in the late fall while players get in valuable reps, run bases and play defense. Because most pitches are strikes, players get more at bats per game. Coaches are allowed on the field to provide position spacing and instruction in-game to react to various situations.

While players in Jackson, Hattiesburg and Auburn have experienced the fun of the MPL over the last several years, the MPL will be introduced for the first time in Birmingham and on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

There are two ways to participate: Complete teams can register with a single registration fee for the team, and no limit on roster size, or players can register as individual players with teams put together with those players to form teams. For those teams, P360 will provide coaches.

Games are played on Mondays and Thursdays at local sports complexes. For more information send an email to or visit

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